Top 10 apps for road trips in the US/Canada

1. GasBuddy

This simple app shows you and directs you to gas stations in the area, and the best part is that it actually compares prices for you too. Surely this is the most precious and economical app to have on a road trip!

2. TripJournal

Documenting and sharing with others the amazing sights you have seen while on the road is important to many of us, and with this amazingly detailed and sophisticated app you can track your location or route, take pictures and attach notes, and basically add every detail you will ever want to remember about your trip.

3. VeloCT

Ignoring your friends who are calling or WhatsApping while you are driving can be difficult to do but safety must come first. When you’re driving over a certain speed it sends an automated message to anyone who has tried to reach you, letting them know that you can’t respond right now because you’re driving. Simple yet social.

4. Waze

Version 3.0 of this app allows you to navigate as an ordinary GPS app would but includes a lot more cool features such as sharing information about traffic reports, accidents, hazards and police attendance.

5. TouristEye

With this app, you can build a trip or just plan as you go. It allows you to create an itinerary based on your own designer wish list. If you’re not that structured then you can just search for the best experiences near you. You can also use it in offline mode!

6. Travelocity

A road trip is not exactly going to be the most organised trip you’ve had, so what’s great about Travelocity is the fact that you can reserve rooms on the move. This app gives you a list of accommodation according to your location, complete with reviews, pictures and as much information as you need.

7. Pandora

What’s a road trip without music? Pandora is your own personalised radio station which saves all of your favourite songs, enabling you to create road trip albums, making it a journey to remember and a journey to be nostalgic about for a long time to come.

8. Yelp

You and your friends are hankering for some enchiladas but you have no idea where you are and hence no idea where to find them. Well, this app not only gives you options but it also directs you to your restaurant of choice.

9. Road Trip Travel Games

Forget the age old tradition of I spy, nowadays you have a phone to show you a more sophisticated way of entertainment. This package of road trip suitable games makes your time just that little bit more fun and competitive!

10. Flashlight

Being on a road trip can sometimes involve travelling at night, and an essential tool that a lot of people forget to bring with them is a flashlight. Fear not because you’ll be able to find anything you need in the dark with this useful app.